01 Août

Modern Filipino Food (Locavore Kitchen & Drinks; S3, E1)

categorie commerce local Modern Filipino Food (Locavore Kitchen & Drinks; S3, E1)

We launch Season 3 at Locavore, a restaurant in the hip town of Kapitolyo in Pasig City which serves Modern Filipino fare. The food blew my mind away as well as my palate! It has been a thrill to see in recent years how the Filipino cuisine has come out of its obscurity, becoming more and more well known outside of the Philippines. Where I reside in California I often hear things like « I love lumpia! I love adobo! I love pancit! » or « The Philippines is on my bucket list! » We do hope this feature inspires you to go get some Pinoy fare; or better yet, to go visit the islands!

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