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<h2>Custom racing suits</h2>
<p>Leather Collection in collaboration with MotoSpeeds had made, Getting a custom race suits, much more comfortable. Our custom department facilitates you to develop your track identity (a custom suit) as per your taste and professional requirements, so stand different and get noticed by your performance and look.</p>
<p><img id= »GW5ULM3″ class= »fade-on-hover » src= » » loading= »lazy » alt= »Select Any Design » data-width-amp= »480″ data-height-amp= »300″></p>
<p>Our custom made leather services enable you to have your leathers look exactly the way you want them. You can choose from a wide range to specifically match your personal needs.</p>
<p><img class= »fade-on-hover » src= »{{media url=wysiwyg/custom-made/en/colors.svg}} » loading= »lazy » alt= »Choose any Color » data-width-amp= »480″ data-height-amp= »300″></p>
<p>Our leathers come in a multitude of colors to match your choice, style, bike or race team. We can develop any required color from a range of Pantone shades.</p>
<p><img class= »fade-on-hover » src= »{{media url=wysiwyg/custom-made/en/leather.svg}} » loading= »lazy » alt= »Choice of Leather » data-width-amp= »480″ data-height-amp= »300″></p>
<p>We can accommodate your choices as all of our production is done in- house. We offer you a choice from Kangaroo, Cowhide, Sheep or Goat Leathers.</p>
<p><img class= »fade-on-hover » src= »{{media url=wysiwyg/custom-made/en/fittings.svg}} » loading= »lazy » alt= »Fitting » data-width-amp= »480″ data-height-amp= »300″></p>
<p>Everybody requires a different kind of fitting, especially when it comes to how their leather fit? All of our leathers ensure a perfect fit according to style and fitting you demand.</p>
<p><img class= »fade-on-hover » src= »{{media url=wysiwyg/custom-made/en/protection.svg}} » loading= »lazy » alt= »Protection » data-width-amp= »480″ data-height-amp= »300″></p>
<p>We care about your safety; that’s why all our leathers are safety stitched. Motorbike Leathers are equipped with CE Internal &amp; external protections to ensure safe and secure ride.</p>
<p><img class= »fade-on-hover » src= »{{media url=wysiwyg/custom-made/en/ventilation.svg}} » loading= »lazy » alt= »Ventilation » data-width-amp= »480″ data-height-amp= »300″></p>
<p>We can incorporate perforation, air intake vents or ventilation zippers to keep you cool and comfortable in hot weather conditions.</p>
<p><img class= »fade-on-hover » src= »{{media url=wysiwyg/custom-made/en/personalization.svg}} » loading= »lazy » alt= »Personalization » data-width-amp= »480″ data-height-amp= »300″></p>
<p>We can print, patch, embroider, engrave or emboss several different types of names, numbers and logos.</p>
<p><img class= »fade-on-hover » src= »{{media url=wysiwyg/custom-made/en/made-to-measure.svg}} » loading= »lazy » alt= »Standard Size &amp; Made to Measure Size » data-width-amp= »480″ data-height-amp= »300″></p>
<p>Standard Sizes from US 32-50 / EU 42-60 and everything in between is made to measure that will have your leathers feel comfortable and wearable all day long.</p>

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