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Locavore Dine on the Land with Provecho

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Locavore Farm’s Dine on the Land events, featuring the culinary team at Provecho – a perfect pairing! Locavore Farm invites you to the Jones Family’s homestead where a 100′-foot table sits surrounded by the land that grows all the ingredients for a five-course feast. Chris Pappas owner of Provecho Latin Provisions in Crown Point (IN), acknowledged as Best Chef in the Region, coordinates a menu and culinary team for live-fire cooking at Locavore Farm’s Dine on the Land experience. Tickets at https://www.locavorefarm.com/

Locavore Farm (a locavore is a person who consumes local food) opened in 2015 with a desire to introduce the region to a small, family farm operation built around and for a table; a very long table – over 100’-feet. The table would serve as the distribution channel for its food. Each seat at the table serves as the end-point of the farm’s entire agricultural operation, beginning with a seed planted and ending with a feast. The produce grown and meat raised would all be consumed on-site. Rather than guests leaving Locavore Farm with a bushel basket, they would be served the farm’s harvest on a plate where the food had its beginning.

The Jones family manages every step in the journey from plant to plate for 100 guests each week. During every course – and there are five – the story of each ingredient is
told to the dinner guests. From facts about the plant and how it is grown to heart- warming and humorous stories about the joys and sorrows of farm-life. The experience is a registered trademark, Dine on the Land. To date, approximately 10,000 people have dined at Locavore Farm. Over 65% coming from downtown Chicago, and the remaining from Northwest Indiana and surrounding Chicago suburbs, including tourists that have heard about Locavore from the Illinois Tourism Bureau who has featured the Dine on the Land experience as one of Illinois most unique, must-do, experiences for visitors.

In addition to their signature dining events, Locavore Farm offers youth educational experiences to encourage good stewardship of earth’s resources and increase skill in self-reliance, cooking and knowledge in food nutrition. Locavore pasture-raises 700 chickens each season, as well as pigs, goats and sheep and vegetables for an average of 75 guests per week. They also collaborate with additional local farmers who struggle to sell at retail, by rounding out the menu with their offerings too. It’s all about growing. The table, the beautiful grounds and the experience is simply the packaging for their food. Locavore serves as a successful model for operations seeking the best price by selling direct to consumers and using their land to the fullest potential. This is how the small, family farm will survive and compete.

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